James Anthony Alger

Born 3-24-1949 Passed 3-11-2016
“It was a BIG surprise!  I was asked because being terminal with cancer, was there anything I wanted to do. I said I wanted to fly but never thought this would come true.  In the surprise, they (the VA and his case worker Will Mello) just got me out of my room and took me for a ride, next thing was… Surprise, we were at the airport.  After getting all loaded up, off we went.  Scotty gave me the controls and I got to fly!” “For those who have never flown, it is the most freeing feeling in your life.  Nothing compares to the freedom of being away from the earth and just enjoying being there.  You can’t describe it, you just have to be there” I really, really, appreciated it.  And I think the other Vets will as well.  The idea of being up there, and being able to go, would be a BIG, BIG happy thing to the guys (our Vets).  You will have a really BIG line….  Pick me, pick me!!!”
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